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After taking more than 75 visits to 14 different African countries we realized there was a huge gap in hunters being comfortable navigating the logistics of traveling to Africa, understanding trophy hunting in such foreign countries or even trusting the person on the other end of an email asking for a currency they might not understand.

This is how Kruger Safari Club was started.  We are American hunters bridging the gap with everything there is to know about TROPHY HUNTING in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

We provide easy access to some of the best ethical hunting inside the Greater Kruger National Park Area in South Africa as well as hundreds of thousands of acres of hunting land in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  We understand our hunters are...NEVER TAMED

Giving Back
Giving Back

Not every Safari is the same!

Experience, conservation, anti-poaching, giving back, amazing notch accommodations! Our trips are more than just hunting....!

Not only do we donate meat to local orphanages to help provide much needed protein to orphaned children, a portion of each hunt goes to save the lives of orphaned babies throughout Africa that have lost their mothers.  Hunting with a purpose is the best way to trophy hunt in Africa! Our partner non-profit feeds over 1000 babies per day!

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