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Plains game hunting in the bushveld is one of the finest plains game hunting experiences on offer in South Africa. Only a few ever get to hunt in the Greater Kruger National Park Area.  The largest part of this area is characterized by densely wooded savanna where shots are normally not much longer than one hundred yards. The seven day bushveld hunting package offers you an all inclusive hunting safari experience that includes the trophy fees for four of the most popular plains game trophies found in the region.

7 Day - 4 Trophy Hunt - Greater Kruger Area


    • An unforgettable hunting experience in Africa
    • All accommodation and catering
    • All land transportation for the duration of the safari
    • Services of a Professional Hunter
    • Services of camp staff
    • Services of trackers and skinners
    • Laundry service
    • Field preparation of trophies
    • Liquor in moderation
    • All applicable taxes
    • All applicable license and permit fees


    • Air transportation to and from South Africa
    • Taxidermy work (see taxidermy )
    • Shipping of trophies (see taxidermy)
    • Dipping and packing of trophies
    • Trophy Kudu

    None of the spiral-horned antelope capture the imagination quite like the kudu. They are normally hunted in areas that are characterized by thickly wooded savanna where they blend in well with the surroundings.

    • Zebra

    The dazzlingly striped zebra makes for a spectacular trophy. This popular plains game trophy can be pursued in both bushveld and the open plains of the Free State. It is the most common species of zebra in South Africa.

    • Impala

    Impalas occur in large numbers throughout South Africa's myriad wilderness areas. They are the most common of the antelope species found in the country. Most hunters leave South Africa with at least one impala in the bag.

    • Warthog

    This popular plains game trophy species, though not territorial and quite the free-roamer, favors areas with nearby water sources. Keep in mind that 'Pumba' may not be as genial as you think - those tusks can be quite formidable!

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